Mylapore, Chennai

Sree Karpagavalli Vidyalaya envisions providing growth, rehabilitation and value based education to the underprivileged children. In 1926, Shri. K.V.Dharma Raja Iyer started a small educational institute for children called Sri Karpagavalli Balika Middle School in the slum areas of Mylapore, Chennai. Later it was converted as a primary school. But it was always struggling for its survival.  Finally it got a new lease of life in 1985 thanks to the generous support extended by Chandra Ammal Educational Trust. Subsequently, with contributions from the then school secretary MJF Lion S. Kirthivasan, the Lions Club of Madras – Teynampet and several other compassionate donors, the school got a new two-storied building at the cost of Rs.70 Lakhs, in place of a thatched shed. Not just that, MJF Lion Sethuraman donated funds to set up a state-of-the-art computer Lab. The computers and internet facilities in the lab are well maintained by the dedicated teaching staff and some external volunteers.

In 1999, the status of the school raised from a Primary school to Middle School, under self-financing scheme initially. From the year 2000 onwards Sri Karpagavalli Balika Bala Patasala is functioning under the new name of Sree Karpagavalli Vidyalaya. Now, more than 700 economically backward students are enjoying quality education, food and other beneficial schemes, completely free of cost.

Facilities and Amenities :

The following facilities are provided to the students free of cost. These are jointly sponsored by the school’s management, the government’s free educational plan and the support of many service minded organizations and individuals

1. Free education

2. Books and Notebooks

3. Breakfast, lunch and snacks during school hours

4. Uniform – 2 sets

5. ID Card

6. A pair of shoes

7. Special tuition post school hours

8. Dance and Music class

9. Yoga and meditation class


We have the following amenities for the welfare of the students –
*  We currently have recognition only up to VIII standard. Since some of the students who pass the VIII standard would otherwise discontinue their study due to their inability to pay fees in other schools, we have started coaching unofficially for the IX and X standard. This year we are having 10 students appearing for Board exam.
*  The primary medium of education in the school is Tamil.
*  We encourage all students to excel in their studies. We  have introduced an scholarship scheme wherein all the students are eligible for a scholarship on improvement in their performance by 30%, whatever may be their current level. Students have taken this seriously and more than 50 students have bagged a scholarship in this academic year. This innovative method motivated both top performers and under performers to do better.
*  We have constructed an auditorium at a cost of Rs.10 lakhs with the assistance from Round TableLions club International and Mr.G.V. Ravi Shankar. We are now able to hold cultural and academic programs in this auditorium, thus facilitating an avenue for the students for showing their talent.
*  We started a science lab this year so as to facilitate students to learn more by doing hands-on experiments in the laboratory.
*  With assistance from generous donors, we have setup a computer lab with more than 10 computers equipped with broadband internet connection.
*  We conduct audio-visual educational programs using an LCD projector.
*  We have recently started a school magazine designed by the teachers and the students. Students thus got one more arena for demonstrating their talent. There has been an immense response from parents and others.
*  This year we have started student clubs for each subject, so that students who want to develop extra skills can do so through these clubs.
*  The teachers are provided with training on personality development and student psychology from external consultants.